As a community of faith and learning, centred on Christ, we will value each person as an individual, enabling our students to fulfil their potential as young men and women, prepared to meet the challenges of life and committed to serving Christ in others. 



  The values of the Gospel will direct the work of the school.  Our community will aspire to:  

  • grow in faithfulness to God
  • encourage hope in each person
  • reach out in compassion to others
  • respect the dignity of all
  • treat others fairly
  • act with honesty.  


  We will strive to achieve our vision by:  

  • providing high quality Catholic education based upon Gospel values
  • providing experiences which meet the individual needs of our young people and enable them to achieve their full potential
  • fostering a strong sense of community within the school and developing productive links with the wider community
  • valuing and developing all members of the school community.