East Dunbartonshire Council is not obliged to provide transport to children who attend Turnbull with a placing request or travel less than three miles to get to Turnbull.  Although if a child has additional needs then it may be worth approaching the council to ask them to provide transport. 

Parents who consider they are eligible should obtain an application form from the school, education office or East Dunbartonshire School Transport

As a consequence of the above situation, in 2011, St Helens Parent Council arranged for LA Travel to provide a private service which operates as follows. 
The bus stops at: 
• Robroyston Road, opposite Asda, around 8.05am 
• Auchinairn Road, stopping between the Auchinairn and Greenacres Roundabouts around 8.10am 
• Letham Drive 
• Angus Avenue (on the stretch between Letham Drive and Woodhill Road) 
• Woodhill Road (outside the Delhi Barbar) 
• Auchinairn Road (near the junction with Northgate Road) 
And the same stops on the return route. There is a map at available online  Due to other commitments, the bus does not pick up at 2.55 on Wednesday and Friday, it picks up around 3.25 pm. The children may wait inside the school in inclement weather until the bus arrives. 
Many parents are frustrated that the service does not meet everyone’s needs. However, the company are not willing to accommodate lots of calls or paperwork burdens and they considered ending the service when they started receiving lots of phone calls. So please DO NOT call LA Travel unless it is very, very important.