Dress for success

Following consultation in April 2012 with the Parent and Pupil Councils, our pupil dress code was revised and changes implemented at the start of the new session in August 2012. 

Our dress code aims to provide a cost-effective way for pupils to show that they are proud to belong to our school community and look very smart in the process. 

  • Wearing uniform
  • Creates a school identity
  • Reflects a positive attitude to learning
  • Removes any peer pressure to wear expensive brand names
  • Promotes equality and inclusion
  • Sets the tone for the working day in all of our classes

Our Turnbull High School dress code requires all pupils to wear formal school uniform. 


The school blazer complete with embroidered badge will be compulsory for ALL pupils. There are two styles of blazer available, fitted or traditional design, for both boys and girls. Plain black jackets, no logos or colours, may be worn over the blazer and removed upon arrival at school.  Available from BARU (Kirkintilloch). 

School shirts/blouses 

Only blue school shirts/ blouses that can be fastened to the top are acceptable. These should be traditional school wear clothing. 


S1-S3 striped S4-S6 crested. The school tie should be full length when worn. 


Smart, formal school skirts must be of an appropriate length, coming to just above the knee. Skirts must be black. Dresses, pinafores and lycra skirts are not acceptable. 


School trousers must be black, formal and tailored. All other forms of trouser including shorter length, skinny- fit, leggings, jeans, chinos. shorts and culottes are NOT acceptable. If belts are worn with trousers these should be plain black with small buckle. Shirts must be worn tucked into trousers. 


Black school cardigans must be fitted and be of an appropriate length. Long cardigans and tank tops are not acceptable. Only plain black V- neck jumpers must be worn; crew neck jumpers and hoodies are not acceptable. 


Black tights should be worn. They should be plain without any pattern. Black knee high socks and short socks must be plain. 


Black, formal school shoes must be worn. Trainers are NOT acceptable including black trainers/ canvas shoes which may appear similar to school shoes. Black boots must be robust and in keeping with the formal dress code. All other types of fashion footwear are not acceptable. 

PE Kit 

Plain white/black T- shirt must be worn with black shorts / plain black sportswear trousers. Vest/ low cut tops are not acceptable. Proper training shoes that support and protect feet should be worn. Other Information:  The wearing of jewellery should be kept to a minimum as it can be a Health and Safety risk. Make up should be minimal in keeping with the formal standards of the school. Hair accessories should be black. 

We appreciate that this information is prescriptive. This is to ensure that there is no ambiguity as to what is acceptable with regard to school uniform. We expect the highest possible standards for our Turnbull school uniform; every pupil, every day, 100% uniform. 

Thank you for your full and continued support.