At morning interval and lunch time the school canteen provides a wide variety of food which is freshly prepared in our state of the art kitchen.

We also have a small cafeteria which sells a selection of bread rolls and wraps and you can choose which fillings you want in these. These can be ordered in advance by filling in a form which is available at the main kitchen. Just ask one of the ladies who work in the canteen or a member of staff and they will be happy to help you. There are three ways in which you can pay for your food. 

  • The first is by using a PIN number which you should keep absolutely private.
  • The second method is by a swipe card
  • The third method is by using a biometric scan.

 The biometric scan is a scan of your index finger which you place on a small pad when you purchase your food. Please note the following: you can have all three options, or any combination, to help you pay for your food e.g. you can have a PIN number and a biometric scan or a PIN Number and a swipe card etc.

You can only have a biometric scan with the permission of your parents/carers. Your parents/carers can only give consent for a biometric scan by indicating this on the form sent to you from the school or by writing a letter to the school for the attention of Duncan Mitchell, Depute Head Teacher. If you are not sure about this you must ask your parents/carers. You must not present yourself for a biometric scan without the express permission of your parents/carers. If you are not sure about having permission for a biometric scan, the school will issue you with a PIN number until we receive written confirmation from your parents/carers that they wish you to have the scan.

When you have your number/card/scan, you can put money in your account. There are two machines in the school (one in the main dining area and one in the cafeteria) with key pads and a scanner. To put money into your account you simply key in your number, swipe your card, or put your index finger on the scanner and your name will appear in the screen telling you how much is in your account. You simply insert the money into the slots (it will take notes) and the amount entered will be confirmed in the screen. When you are sure that the correct amount is confirmed you then press a button to close your account. If you are going to pay by cheque, this should be handed in to the school office and the amount will be paid into your account. If you are entitled to a free meal then the money will automatically be paid in to your account. Don’t worry if this seems a lot to remember, there will be a member of staff at the machine to help you. 

 If you bring a packed lunch, you simply find a place in the social/dining area and enjoy your lunch with your friends. 

A new combined online application form for free school meals, free nursery meals and school clothing grants was launched in July 2020.