Being able to make effective use of digital devices and software (such as tablets, email, etc) is known as being digitally literate. Such digital literacy is becoming a key and essential skill in of all parts of modern life such as education, the workplace and our own leisure time.


At Turnbull High School, we have always looked to make effective use of digital technologies to enhance learning and teaching and want to make sure that pupils, parents and staff are all clear about how they can be most effectively employed.

Evidence of this can be seen in our Digital Schools Award status.

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Therefore, in consultation with pupils, parents and staff about the digital literacy skills that we would want all members of the Turnbull High School community to have, we have come up with our DIGITAL LITERACY POLICY (which can be found in the resources section below).

A key area of this policy is the home learning element. A summary of how Turnbull’s home learning operates via SHOW MY HOMEWORK (SMHW) for day-to-day homework (or during a school closure) can be seen below.

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