Welcome to the Maths Department! 

At Turnbull High School, we want every pupil to have the opportunity to achieve success in Mathematics.   

Whilst having a Maths qualification will help you to get into particular careers, simply having Maths knowledge will help you in everyday life now and in the future. 

Whether you are budgeting your pocket money, calculating sale prices using percentages now or calculating the area of carpet required for your living room or scaling the ingredients for a recipe later, you’ll need to use your Maths and Numeracy skills. 

Mathematics also teaches vital skills which are applicable in life, learning and work such as critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, communication and time management. 

Maths Poem

 The order in which we complete the National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses is, however, different to the order of the topics within the units listed above.  This is to allow pupils to develop and transfer their skills across topic areas and to see the connections between different topics. 

Copies of our course plans, weblinks, notes, homework, revision materials and more can be found on our Glow blog.   

National 3 Applications of Mathematics 
National 4 Mathematics 
National 5 Mathematics 
Higher Mathematics 
Advanced Higher Mathematics