What is feels FM

"Feels FM" is an online emoji powered jukebox, created to give young people a place where they can use music to express how they're feeling, encouraging them talk openly about mental health.

Young people from across Scotland have helped See Me co-produce the platform to help young people express how they feel.  It promotes music as a positive coping strategy to deal with feelings an encourages young people to talk to others, and access help and support.  They will also be encouraged to share their views on what would make a difference for young people in Scotland to be able to talk about their feelings and come up with ideas to tackle mental health stigma.

How does it work
  1. Pick an emoji that represents how you currently feel
  2. Feels FM will make a music playlist that reflects that feeling
  3. Interact with the site

Pick your emoji -  www.feelsfm.co.uk

  • Tell us your views on mental health
  • Take action by sharing your ideas for what would make a difference to young people's mental health in Scotland and we'll pick the best and make it happen!
  • Encourage others to join the conversation.  Share Feels FM using #FeelsFM