Turnbull High School Art and Design Department is a creative place to study. The department aims to encourage pupils from all background to develop their skills and abilities through a number of learning activities.  
We offer a variety of courses and encourage pupils to engage in competitions and other art based activities.  

The Broad General Education phase from S1 to S3 in Art & Design is structured in such a way that allows pupils to improve on their abilities and gain experience and understanding of a wide range of practical skills and activities. As pupils progress from S1-S3, the level of choice and independence increases accordingly. All pupils will regularly evaluate class work and homework and will be involved in self and peer assessment. Formative assessment and a variety of co-operative teaching methods are an integral part of all courses. pupils will experience learning in a hands on environment which helps to build confidence and nurture practical skills with a wide range of materials and media. Projects in Art & Design are focused on developing personal enquiry skills in developing abilities in visually communicating, recording information.  

S1 Art & Design Course Outline
S2 Art & Design Course Outline
S3 Art & Design Course Outline 
National 5 Art and Design 
Art and Design: Higher 
Advanced Higher 
Photography: Higher