Pupils should register in GLOW for the following supported study classes by WEDNESDAY, 27 OCTOBER.  Classes will run for 4 weeks from 1 November.
Monday   Tuesday
Admin & IT (Higher)   Admin & IT (Nat 5)
Art (Higher)   History (Nat 5)
Chemistry (Nat 5)   Mathematics (Higher)
French (Higher)   Mathematics (Nat 5)
Geography (Higher)    
Geography (Nat 5)    
Graphics (Nat 5)    
History (Nat 5)    
Physics (Nat 5)    
Cakecraft (Nat 5)    


Wednesday   Thursday
Admin & IT (Higher)   Art (Nat 5)
Art (Nat 5)   Business Man (Nat 5)
Business Man (Higher)   Computing (Adv Higher)
Chemistry (Higher)   Computing (Higher)
English (Nat 5)   Computing (Nat 5)
Mathematics (Higher)   English (Higher)
Mathematics (Nat 5)   Env Science (Higher)
Modern Studies (Nat 5)   French (Nat 5)
Spanish (Higher)   Modern Studies (Higher)
    Physics (Higher)


History (Higher)

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